VidCon 2023 showed how much the line between creator and fan has blurred. Here are 6 top takeaways from the annual creator industry conference.

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  • VidCon, the conference for creators, professionals, and fans returned this year in Anaheim, CA.
  • YouTube replaced TikTok as the title sponsor, and some mega stars opted for Cannes Lions instead.
  • From TikTok’s CEO showing up, to social shopping dominating the event, here are the top takeaways.

Last week, creators and industry professionals came together at the Anaheim Convention Center for VidCon. But the vibe was a bit different than in years past, as the lines blurred between creator and fan, and many attendees were there to learn about creating content themselves. 

Inside panels, aspiring creators soaked up the knowledge from pros like Colin and Samir or platform execs like Amber Tarshis, Jellysmack’s chief marketing and creator experience officer. Outside the scheduled activities, many held business meetings, brands invited creators to Disneyland, and platforms like TikTok and Instagram held special events — and parties — for those lucky enough to snag an invite.

Beyond the panels, parties, and meet-and-greets, the real magic of VidCon was happening offsite, at nearby restaurants and bars where brands, agencies, and startups hosted exclusive invite-only mixers.  

At this year’s VidCon, the divide between creator and fan faded, and many attendees identified with both. Snapping a photo with a successful creator became less valuable than actual time spent learning the secrets to their success. 

The main theme of VidCon 2023 was learning how to hack into real, sustainable success, now that the days of out-of-nowhere paydays and effortless virality are behind us. 

Here were 6 of the biggest takeaways from this year’s VidCon:

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