The Wagner Group’s Assault On Putin Is A Wake-Up Call The West Must Hear

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This segment of What’s Ahead explains why the explosive turmoil in Russia, which has more nuclear warheads than any other country, should spur the U.S. and NATO to promptly supply Ukraine with all the weapons it needs to expel the Russian invaders.

Ukraine must triumph as soon as possible lest Putin—or his successors—recklessly ramps up efforts to get some sort of victory. Yet the U.S. has been dawdling in providing Ukraine with what it needs to win: F-16s and many more tanks and artillery.

One example of Biden’s stinginess is the Patriot surface-to-air missile batteries, which are crucial for countering Russian missiles and drones. Ukraine needs 50 of these; Biden has given only two.

Kyiv has clearly demonstrated that if given sufficient weaponry, it will win.

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