‘Bachelorette’ Charity Lawson Delivers Two Rose-Related Shockers In Season 20 Premiere

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It’s that time again—time for reality TV romance and silver platters full of I-choose-you roses.

The Bachelorette kicked off Season 20 on Monday night of with leading lady Charity Lawson looking for love and 25 eligible men vying for her affections. But only 18 of them still had a shot at winning her heart when premiere night came to a close.

In between, a few of those fellas managed to stand out from the crowd, in both the best and worst ways.

All of the guys—from Aarons (B. and S.) to Calebs (A., B. and K.)—put their personalities on display as soon as the limousines dropped them off for their introductions with Charity.

There was Chris, a 27-year-old who holds the world record for the highest standing-jump and who merged his athleticism with his pickup line, telling Charity that he “flipped out” over her as he did an back-flip. However, his gag seemed a bit less charming when, moments later, he was doing jumps for the other guys back at Bachelor Manor.

Then there was Taylor, the 32-year-old loan officer who wanted to show his level of commitment by being both confident and presumptuous, shooting a home video for his future kids so that they can see the moment he met their mother.

Spencer, a 32-year-old medical sales director, got his meeting off on the wrong … everything. First he introduced himself twice, and then told Charity about his “hobby thing,” which is “doing a lot of martial arts.” Offering to teach her a “somewhat dicey move,” he pulled Charity close and said, “If anyone gets out of line with you, you’re just going to kick them right in the nuts.” He then suggested she get some practice in as he bit his knuckle and opened his stance.

Charity declined the opportunity, leaving Spencer relieved? Disappointed? It’s really hard to say.

Once the introductions were over, some of the men had a chance to get to know Charity better in one-on-one chats, which is where Brayden, a 32-year-old traveling nurse had his chance to shine. He and Charity got particularly cozy during their time together as they enjoyed a lengthy lip lock, which he was sure to tell all the other guys about.

All of them, as in even the bartender with the ill-fitting wig and Steve Harvey-ish glue-on mustache—aka Charity’s brother, Nehemiah Lawson.

Nehemiah, who dubbed himself Undercover Brother, listened in as all the men spoke about his sister, but he seemed particularly interested in hearing Brayden brag about making out with Charity. Shortly after that bit of bar-side bragging, Nehemiah ripped away his disguise and reported back to his sibling.

It seemed as though a tense face-off was in the works as Charity followed up her brother’s counsel with a request to speak to Brayden alone. Some of the guys who remained behind guessed that she was about to kick him out of the mansion before the Rose Ceremony even took place. Brayden, too, looked a little concerned that he might face that fate.

But after a dramatic, ad break-spanning pause, Charity applauded Brayden’s confidence and gave him her First-Impression Rose instead.

And that wasn’t even her most shocking rose of the night.

That honor came moments before the show wrapped, as she handed her final bloom to Kick-me Spencer.

No, really.

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