Blackpink’s Jennie Hits No. 1 On The Billboard Charts With Her New Solo Single

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Blackpink singer Jennie is currently experiencing a remarkable career boom, thanks to her involvement in the highly popular TV show, The Idol. In a notable musical move, Jennie was recently enlisted by The Weeknd, who oversees the program, to contribute to its soundtrack. The talented musician wasted no time in making her mark, as her first performance for the show quickly soared to the top of one Billboard chart, securing the coveted No. 1 spot without issue.

Jennie’s single “One Of The Girls” alongside The Weeknd and actor Lily-Rose Depp has garnered tremendous success, at least on social media. Despite being released just a few days ago, the track makes an impressive debut on the Billboard rankings, landing straight at No. 1 on the Hot Trending Songs chart, which is known for ranking the most-discussed tunes on Twitter.

The Hot Trending Songs chart is unique in that it allows any tracks, regardless of their release dates, to make an appearance. Often, songs that have been released just a day or two prior, or even those that have yet to be officially unveiled, find their way onto the tally due to the immense buzz surrounding them on Twitter.

Interestingly, “One Of The Girls” is not the only track from The Idol to make its presence felt on the Hot Trending Songs chart this week. Another offering, “Take Me Back” by The Weeknd, secured a respectable position at No. 10. The success of these songs underscores the popularity and impact of the TV show, and Jennie’s track stands out as one of the most popular, as it hit the ranking before many had heard it.

“One Of The Girls” marks the first appearance on the Hot Trending Songs for Jennie and Depp, who is not traditionally known as a musician. The Weeknd has already sent at least three tracks from The Idol to the tally, to say nothing of his work outside of the TV program.

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