Nicki Minaj Is Surging Once Again With One Of Her Most Recent Hits

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Nicki Minaj is busy on her Pink Friday 2 World Tour, which just recently brought the rapper to Europe. As she plays to huge crowds all around the world, fans are returning to one of the tunes from her most recent full-length, and their collective love might turn the track into a hit all over again.

As of the time of writing, Minaj’s “Pink Friday Girls” is living inside the top 20 on the U.S. iTunes chart. The cut returned seemingly out of nowhere to the list of the bestselling tracks in America on the platform, which usually plays a major role in where titles land on a number of Billboard charts.

At present, “Pink Friday Girls” sits at No. 16. It’s been bounding up the iTunes chart throughout Friday (June 7), and as brand new releases begin to fall, Minaj’s release may continue to climb.

“Pink Friday Girls” is not a brand new release. Minaj first shared it with the world in December 2023, when she dropped her most recent full-length Pink Friday 2. The tune is featured on the lengthy tracklist, and fans have selected it as a favorite all of a sudden.

In a week or so, “Pink Friday Girls” could return to the Billboard charts, if sales continue to hold. The track doesn’t need to become a blockbuster to bring Minaj back to several rankings, as it likely only needs to sell a few hundred copies, or perhaps a thousand or two, in order to perform well enough to find a place on a few lists.

“Pink Friday Girls” has already reached several Billboard rankings in the past. The tune debuted and peaked at No. 82 on the Hot 100, and it has thus far spent just one frame on the ranking of the most-consumed songs in the country.

The Pink Friday 2 cut stands the best chance of appearing on some of the company’s sales-only rankings next frame, especially those that are specific to Minaj’s chosen genres. The title already reached No. 2 on the Rap Digital Song Sales list this past March, thanks to another instance when fans sent it up the iTunes chart. If her Barbz–the name she’s given her following–continue to buy, the cut could reach other purchase-focused tallies, as well as a number of hip-hop and rap rosters.

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