SNL Cast Completely Loses It During Ryan Gosling ‘Beavis And Butt-Head’ Sketch

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The golden age of Saturday Night Live may be long gone, but there are still the occasional sketches that knock it out of the park. Sometimes that’s due to the clever writing. Sometimes everything just clicks.

In the case of this weekend’s Beavis and Butthead sketch, the funniest part is the cast’s inability to keep a straight face. In the sketch, host Ryan Gosling dresses up like a live-action Beavis while Mikey Day plays Butt-Head.

The two show up as audience members during a fake NewsNation town hall with host Bobbi Moore, played by Heidi Gardner. The town hall guest is professor Norman Henning (Kenan Thompson) and the subject is A.I.: Miracle Or Menace?

As the interview begins, the professor’s eyes widen and he can’t help but interrupt. Sitting behind Gardner is Gosling, in his blue Death Rock T-Shirt. “There is a gentleman in your audience who looks strikingly similar to Beavis from the cartoon ‘Beavis and Butt-Head.’ Just a little distracting,” Thompson tells her.

“I’m not familiar with that cartoon, but would it help if he moved seats?” Gardner replies, and turns to take a look at Gosling. At this point you see her break character, smiling as she notices Gosling’s ridiculous outfit. It’s clear she hasn’t seen him in full costume beforehand.

Gosling moves and Mike Day’s Butt-Head takes his spot. When Thompson tells her that a man that looks like Butt-Head is sitting behind her now she turns once again, and when she sees Day she completely cracks. Laughing, she asks him to move seats.

The skit itself isn’t half as funny as Gardner’s reaction, which has a contagious effect on the rest of the cast. Somehow the extras in the fake town hall all manage to keep their composure. Bravo, extras!

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