New York City’s Fasano Is The Perfect Restaurant For That Special Night Out

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If you are looking for a unique take on a luxurious dining experience in New York City, plan a visit to Fasano. This restaurant is led by fourth generation restauranter, Gero Fasano and combines amazing Italian cuisine with outstanding service. In the tradition of great family-owned establishments, you can expect a very warm welcome and exceptional attention to detail. Fasano features Northern Italian specialties developed by Chef Nicola Fedeli as well as a terrific wine list curated by sommelier Manoel Beato.

The menu is seasonal and many of the recipes have been in the Fasano family for over one hundred years. The new spring menu has just come out and you can choose both classics and creative interpretations of Milanese favorites. This may be one of the best selections of Crudi all Italiana, a selection of raw shellfish, caviar and carpaccio.

For antipasto, you can choose a classic vitello tonnat or a burrata with marinated eggplant or try something a bit different—the smoked mackerel served with Vidalia onion and fennel. There is an extensive list of homemade pasta to choose from. Some favorites include Risotta all’astice, a risotto that features lobster and saffron, Risotto coe secoe, a risotto that includes a 7-year aged Acquarello rice, braised short ribs and parmigiano or tortelli stuffed with veal, porcini mushrooms and topped with black truffle.

And you will continue to be indulged with the main course selections. The filet mignon is served with black truffles, potatoes and mushrooms; the duck leg arrives with heirloom cicerchie peas, fennel and laurel and the striped bass comes with chantarelle mushrooms and eggplant. If you have an agreeable companion, you can order the veal chop Milanese for two. Dessert is another highlight. You will find a terrific selection of Italian cheeses, a classic tiramisu and a homemade ice cream topped with almonds, pistachios and hazelnuts.

Wine lovers will be thrilled with the very extensive wine list featuring Italina vintages and the ability to order a “reserve” wine by the glass. Cocktails feature multiple types of Negroni, as well as fun specialties such as “Honey I shrunk the figs,” a concoction that includes Makers Mark, Amontillado, spiced fig, chocolate bitter and egg white.

If you are having so much fun that you don’t want to leave the Fasano cocoon, you can stroll upstairs to Baretto, one of the best jazz clubs in New York City. This is the place to experience live music in an intimate setting every Friday and Saturday night. The lounge features jazz and bossa nova musicians. You can also indulge in the sophisticated menu which features extremely elevated bar food. Why not try excellent charcuterie, king crab croquettes or cavatelli with short ribs ragu? The cocktail menu includes an array of signature cocktails, as well as specialty martinis.

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