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Want to try the world’s best wines? What about the world’s best whiskey? Well, then get ready to pay A LOT of money. But if you want to try some of the world’s best beers, you’ll be paying much less, sometimes under $10 a bottle. And here’s the bonus—most of these beers are easy to find.

Here’s an illustrated list of some of the best beers in the world and their prices. Prices and availability may fluctuate slightly from state to state. I used a large liquor store chain in California for the basis of all the prices. These are the brews the beer industry considers to be the best of the best and who doesn’t want to drink like a brewmaster?

Schlenkerla Rauchbier $5.99/500 mL bottle

Bamberg, Germany is home to “rauchbier,” a smoked lager made with beechwood smoked malt. One of the best known versions of this style is from Schlenkerla, which has won numerous awards around the world and is like drinking a delicious campfire.

Westmalle Tripel $6.49/11 oz. bottle

This is the original tripel, a blonde style of beer brewed by Trappist monks. Northern Belgium’s Westmalle Brewery invented the tripel in the 1930s and the beer is sublime. The beer exhibits high carbonation, big foam and flavors of pear and clove. It won the bronze medal at the U.S. Open Beer Championships in 2021 and has a 97 rating from Wine Enthusiast.

Russian River Pliny the Elder Double IPA $5.99/500mL bottle

Pliny the Elder Double IPA changed the game when it was first brewed in 2000 and to this day is still one of the most sought after beers for beer geeks. Deep golden in color and beautifully clear, it consistently rates as one of the best beer in America, having a 100 rating on RateBeer.

Goose Island Bourbon County Brand Stout $13.99/500 mL bottle

The most expensive beer on the list for sure; Goose Island Bourbon County Brand Stout (BCBS) is only released once a year in late November. This 14.3% ABV sipper is aged in bourbon barrels and pours like drinkable oil. Treat it like a digestif and pair with a chocolate dessert for a decadent pairing. They make amazing varietals of BCBS too; check out last year’s list of unique offerings.

Pilsner Urquell $7.99/four 500mL cans

The original golden lager was first brewed in 1842 and took the world by storm, leading to golden lagers becoming the most popular beers on Earth. Still brewed in Plzeň in the Czech Republic, the fact that you can buy four cans of this for under $10 is astounding. Pilsner Urquell is the largest exporter of beer in the Czech Republic and its fame still holds true over 175 years later after its first release.

Orval $6.99/11 oz. bottle

Orval is a different type of Trappist beer in that it doesn’t have the same flavors/aromas as other Trappist ales. No clove or banana here! Brewed in Southern Belgium and bottle conditioned with wild yeast, the longer you hold on to a bottle of Orval, the more the beer changes. Fresh Orval has a lovely pineapple note while older bottles have more flavors of dark fruit leather.

Saison Dupont $7.50/375mL bottle

If you ask any person in the beer industry to name a saison, this will be the one they mention. Saison Dupont is a Belgian beer with a dry mineral character and a light white pepper flavor. A 750mL bottle for under $20 makes a handsome presentation at Thanksgiving. Saison Dupont also has numerous accolades.

So empty that jar of coins you keep somewhere in your house and I’m going to bet there’s enough in there to buy at least one of the best beers in the world. Cheers to great beer!

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