Parachute And SuperCircle Team Up For New Textile Recycling Program

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BBC research indicates the global textile recycling industry is ripe for disruption: Their research shows this market is projected to reach $11.1 billion by 2028 at a compound annual growth rate of 7.0% during the forecast period.

From an operational perspective, it’s feasible: Fashion for Good research found that 56% of post-consumer textiles are suitable for fiber-to-fiber recycling. This same report shows a $1.5 billion opportunity for fiber-to-fiber recycling by redirecting end-of-life textiles from landfills to recycling streams.

SuperCircle, an organization born out of a collective vision to reimagine waste as a valuable resource, is tackling this opportunity with a new partnership with bedding brand Parachute.

As part of this collaboration, Parachute is offering in-store textile recycling for the first time across its fleet of 26 retail stores nationwide, and will accept sheets, towels, pillows, and robes in any condition (rips and stains are acceptable, as long as items are freshly washed) from any brand.

SuperCircle will then sort and recycle donated items to give them a second life–from new textiles to alternative uses like furniture batting, insulation, and padding–sending nothing to the landfill.

In return, customers will receive a 15% discount code toward their next Parachute purchase. Recycling is available in Parachute’s New York City stores as of June 7th and will roll out nationwide during the month of July.

To announce this new initiative, Parachute took over Café Kitsuné in the West Village in NYC for a pop-up experience. The theme ‘Good Things’ was meant to symbolize that all good things come back and can be recycled into something new; a message they’re working to exemplify as a brand.

For Parachute, the impetus behind the SuperCircle initiative stemmed from a deep-seated commitment to environmental stewardship. Knowing that data shows that 85% of textiles in the U.S. end up in landfills, this partnership is part of Parachute’s brand ethos in action as it makes strides to minimize waste and maximize resource efficiency.

Parachute’s selection of SuperCircle as a partner was a strategic choice driven by the organization’s track record of success in diverting over two million textiles from landfills.

“SuperCircle is thrilled to build on our partnership with Parachute Home, through which we’ve already recycled 27,000 pounds of textiles,” said Chloe Songer, Co-Founder & CEO at SuperCircle.

This is one more effort on Parachute’s end to address the growing consumer demand for brands to focus on increased sustainability, specifically in the bedding space. According to a U.S. Consumer Sentiment Survey, over 70% of consumers would change their shopping habits after learning a brand isn’t operating sustainably.

As for textile recycling programs like this one, sustainability experts like Danielle Vermeer, Co-founder and CEO of circular fashion app Teleport, are optimistic about take-back programs as an important part of making the fashion and textile industries more circular.

As part of this, however, she encourages brands to be mindful of the energy and chemicals required to process textiles into their next use case, ensuring they aren’t doing more harm than help.

As Parachute continues to look for strategic, effective ways to tackle textile recycling at scale, this program is their first step toward more circular processes with high-value materials.

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