Fnatic Win $1 Million ‘Valorant’ Masters Tokyo Tournament

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Fnatic has won the Valorant Masters Tokyo tournament, beating Evil Geniuses 3-0 in the grand final to take home the win at the $1 million tournament.

Fnatic was truly dominant throughout the entire tournament, with Evil Geniuses being the only team to give them any real challenge. As one of the top-seeded teams they were able to skip the group stage, and started their competition in the upper bracket quarter-finals where they easily took down NRG 2-0. They then faced off against another top-seeded team in the form of Paper Rex, and they too could offer no challenge as Fnatic took another 2-0 win.

The upper bracket final was the only time Fantic were really pushed by a team, which was Evil Geniuses. However, Fnatic still took a 2-1 win which included a 13-3 win on Lotus to kick off the series.

Then in the Grand Final, which saw them face off against Evil Geniuses again, Fnatic truly showed why they are the best in the world. Impressive wins on Lotus and Split gave them a 2-0 advantage in the grand final, but it looked like EG would take at least one map when they went to map point early on Bind. However, Fnatic mounted an impressive comeback from 12-7 down to force Overtime, by which time EG were crushed and Fnatic took an easy OT win to become champions.

While EG very much crumbled in the final moments of the grand final, their run throughout the tournament was still impressive. They went undefeated in the group stage, and only lost to Fnatic in the tournament, both in the upper bracket final and the grand final. The fact EG were able to beat everyone else but not Fnatic shows just how far ahead Fnatic are of every other team in Valorant right now.

Fnatic will take home $350,000 as the winners of Valorant Masters Tokyo, while Evil Geniuses take home $200,000. Paper Rex and NRG round out the top four, taking home $125,000 and $75,000 respectively. With Fnatic being a European team, their win also means that Europe will get an extra slot at Valorant Champions later in the year.

The win is the second major championship for Fnatic this year in Valorant, having already won the LOCK IN Sao Paulo tournament where they beat Loud 3-2 in the grand final. Since then they have looked unstoppable, and no doubt will enter the crunch end of the season as the favorites to become world champions.

At the Valorant Masters Tokyo event Riot Games revealed the new agent coming to Valorant next week known as Deadlock.

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