Inside the CEO of Tesla’s tiny house, a $50K, modular guest home in Texas made by Boxabl

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  • Rumors that Tesla is building a tiny house that costs $15,000 have been circulating, but they aren’t true  — at least for now.
  • However, Tesla CEO Elon Musk does own a tiny house in Texas from startup Boxabl. 
  • Proponents of tiny homes say they can help solve America’s housing crisis.  

Tiny homes have become an undeniably popular alternative to the classic family home or apartment. Rumors have even circulated in the last few years that EV-maker Tesla is creating its own tiny home for $15,000.

While those reports have about as much merit as running a Tesla with a generator, the little living units have even attracted the attention of Tesla CEO Elon Musk. Musk uses a $50,000 prefab house from startup Boxabl as a guest house in Texas. Take a look inside one of Boxabl’s houses. 

Curious about the tiny home owned by a man who could afford countless mansions instead? During a podcast appearance, Musk confirmed he owns a prototype unit from Boxabl, a Las Vegas startup.

Boxabl’s debut product is the Casita, a $49,500, 375-square-foot, prefab home. In late 2021, Boxabl said it installed a Casita in Boca Chica, Texas — where SpaceX’s launch site is — for a “top secret customer.”


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