WhistlePig Goes 100% Solar, Teams Up With Pit Viper To Celebrate

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Starting way back in 2020 (approximately two decades in Covid-Time), WhistlePig set out on a mission to become 100% solar-powered. To that end, they installed a 54,292 kWh Panasonic panel array on the roof of their distillery (branded to look like a WhistlePig barrel). After three years, they’ve improved their efficiency so that the 4,500 kWh per month is more than enough to power their operations, to the point where they’re planning to send energy back to the grid.

So what’s a whiskey brand to do to celebrate such an occasion? Why, craft a “solar-powered” whiskey, of course.

Debuting on the summer solstice, WhistlePig SummerStock is a limited edition blended whiskey that adds wheat whiskey to balance and mellow out their traditional rye. But that’s not the only thing they did differently. They used a “solara” method to add even more character.


Solara is a method of aging that uses progressive barrels, mixing fresh spirits with aged. Basically, you drain off half of an aged barrel (for sale, of course), then mix in younger spirits. For example, if you had a 6-year whiskey, a 3-year whiskey, and a new batch, you’d drain off half the 6-year, blend half the 3-year and 6-year, and then half the new with the 3-year. It speeds up production while also adding new character and nuance to the finished, mixed spirit.

WhistlePig took the process one step further by finishing the process in barrels that are literally “sun toasted.” The result is a whiskey that’s oakey and spice-forward but finishes with a surprising amount of fruit. They call it “jammy” and I’d be hard pressed to come up with a more appropriate tasting note. It’s fresh, pleasant, and just begs to be mixed into your favorite summer cocktail.

Scan the QR code on the bottle to get a few of WhistlePig’s favorites (plus an over-the-top video with narration from a very familiar voice).

Pit Viper Collab

But the whiskey is only half the story. To really dial in those summer vibes, WhistlePig teamed up with Pit Viper for a pair of sunglasses that just scream “lake party”…or “beach party”…or basically any sort of party where there’s a large body of water and a cooler full of mixers.

I’ll readily admit, the Pit Vipers might not be quite the look I usually go for but they’re definitely fun. If these shades are your sort of thing, they’re limited edition and will only be sold in a pack with a bottle of SummerStock.

But What About Solar?

So we’ve got sunglasses and “sun toasted” whiskey but what about benefiting actual solar power? WhistlePig is doing just that. A portion of the proceeds from sales of their Summerstock whiskey will be donated to Everybody Solar.

Not familiar with them? Everybody Solar is bringing solar to nonprofit organizations around the United States to help create more sustainable operations. A nonprofit that benefits from solar power has more funds to spend on their operations and giving back to their community. Everybody Solar currently has projects in the works for homeless shelters, science education centers, counseling centers and more.

The limited-edition SummerStock Whiskey and Sunglass duo is available now at shop.whistlepigwhiskey.com for $149.99. You’ll also be able to find WhistlePig SummerStock Whiskey (without the Pit Viper sunglasses) on store shelves across the U.S. this summer for $72.99.

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