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Just last month Cardi B Tweeted photos of her daughter Kulture’s lunch during a three day period. “Kulture school lunch be everything,” wrote the superstar about what the four-year-old took to pre-kindergarten. The vast and varied offerings included macaroni and cheese, broccoli, corn and assorted fruit.

“I love that I get to give my children the food and snacks that I wish I had while I was their age,” says Cardi B who also has a son, Wave, with her husband Offset. “I get to be creative while throwing in the good classics of fruits, vegetables, and juice boxes to make sure my kids are the healthiest they can be.”

Growing up in the Bronx, Belcalis Almanzar, (now known as Cardi B), remembers her family dinners. When it came to cooking, one item that was a constant in her house were Knorr products like bouillon, which her mother and grandmother used as flavor enhancers.

“We didn’t have a lot growing up,” she says. “And whenever we wanted something delicious, quick, and easy I remember eating the classic Spanish rice and something real creamy like the chicken fettuccine.”

In a full circle moment, Cardi B recently partnered with Knorr to launch a menu of affordable recipes to demonstrate that cooking at home can be joyful. And a lot less expensive than eating out. The Knorr Taste Combos features an assortment of nutritious and affordable recipes that bring together vegetables, lean protein and Knorr offerings. They can be prepared at home in under 30 minutes costing less than $4 per serving.

It seemed natural to have Cardi B partner with Knorr. “When it comes to her specific connection to the brand, Cardi B shared with us that she has great memories of her family using Knorr as an ingredient for big family dinners growing up. And now that she has her own family, she continues to keep Knorr as a staple in her pantry,” says Gina Kiroff, North America marketing lead for Knorr.

“I love a combo meal from my favorite restaurants like so many do. They are a quick and tasty way to feed the fam, I get it,” says the Grammy-winning, artist and entrepreneur who has her own Knorr combo meal named after her, The Cardi B Taste Combo. “But I have to say, I do like treating my family to a meal I made myself in my own kitchen.”

Jeryl Brunner: How would you describe your cooking skills?

Cardi B: I feel my cooking skills are messy, yet intricate. I toss in whatever I have in the kitchen but throwing in a lot of flavor. I love to toss in some spices and some seasoning that me, my husband, and kids enjoy.

Brunner: What is the joy of being a mother to Kulture and Wave?

Cardi B: I love being a mother. I get to be creative playing dress up with my kids and making sure they always look fly and comfortable every single day. I gave birth to my besties and I dedicate my life to my family, and staying home with them.

Brunner: What do you like to sing to your children?

Cardi B: My kids love when I sing them the Baby Shark’s Big Show theme song. I am Sharki B after all.

Brunner: What was one of the first times that you performed on stage?

Cardi B: I really had to hustle. I started off rapping on top of beats from a DJ’s car and creating my own tour performing at clubs along the East coast. I was determined and never gave up.

Brunner: How would you describe Cardi B’s Taste Combo?

Cardi B: Cardi B’s Taste Combo calls for ingredients like chicken, veggies, and a tasty sauce … and of course… Knorr Chicken Bouillon. My personal favorite…or as I say it Boo-Yon. It’s a great staple to keep in your kitchen, it turns up the flavor in so many meals that I like to make at home….You can make it in under 30 minutes. This recipe is a spin on Marry Me Chicken.

Brunner: How do you envision your life five years from now?

Cardi B: I definitely see myself even more successful, building an empire working on projects with my own children. I’m low-key a home body and I love whippin’ it up in the kitchen. But I need to be careful hoping my kids won’t be so picky with their food. I want to take over multiple industries and have my kids be a part of it so they can carry on my legacy.

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