BlastUP Presale Nears $7M; Last Chance to Join

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BlastUP, the premier launchpad on Blast, has confirmed its robust utility by successfully launching its first IDOs. As its presale nears completion, it continues to garner significant attention from crypto enthusiasts. The amount of funds raised so far is approaching 7 million, and BlastUP already boasts a large and passionate community of supporters.

Early Triumphs Fuel BlastUP’s Presale Surge Toward $7 Million

BlastUP, currently in its presale phase, has already demonstrated its practical value by successfully launching two IDOs. The first one, CYBRO, garnered $140,000 during its private sale round. Following closely, Petobots completed its private sale through BlastUP in just a couple of days, raising $75,000. Living up to its motto, “Grow faster, earn more”, BlastUP has effectively translated its promise into tangible results. This steadfast approach and dedication to its commitments have positioned BlastUP as a central hub for over 15,000 crypto enthusiasts who have invested in this distinctive launchpad platform.

Continuing to capture attention, BlastUP’s presale success is nearing a pivotal milestone with nearly $7 million raised so far. Only a few days remain until the presale concludes, but there is still an opportunity to buy $BLP before it soars.

Hurry to Join BlastUP Presale Before It Ends

Multiple Benefits for Early Buyers of $BLP Tokens

BLP, the native token of BlastUP, plays a vital role within its ecosystem, enhancing user involvement. The token allows holders to participate in IDOs and earn interest through seed staking, alongside receiving exclusive loyalty rewards. Holders also benefit from allocations of token sales from projects launched on BlastUP.

Why buy BLP tokens?

  • Access to Airdrops
  • Staking rewards up to 12% APR
  • Priority access to tiered IDO launches on BlastUP with exclusive loyalty rewards

The limited supply of BLP tokens ensures scarcity, potentially increasing their value as BlastUP expands. The ongoing presale of BLP tokens highlights their potential as a smart investment. Market analysts suggest that while $BLP’s fair price could be as high as $10, it is currently available for under 10 cents — a promising prospect for ROI up to 1000%.

Buy $BLP Tokens Now for Maximum Returns

Widespread Recognition and Ironclad Security at BlastUP

BlastUP is rapidly gaining traction as a dynamic launchpad for crypto startups on the Blast blockchain, ranking in the top 10 by total value locked. Within the Blast thriving ecosystem, BlastUP plays a vital role in promoting growth and visibility for emerging projects. In just a short time, BlastUP has built a strong reputation with a large following on X, Telegram, and Discord.

At BlastUP, the focus on security and transparency is fundamental, reflecting the platform’s unwavering commitment to user confidence and peace of mind. BlastUP has achieved robust validation of its security protocols, having successfully completed stringent compliance checks by top-tier audit firms CertiK and Assure Defi, enhancing its credibility in the process.

BlastUP’s dedication to maintaining a secure environment is further highlighted by an impressive security rating of 87 out of 100 from CertiK. This notable score ranks BlastUP 12th on the Pre-Launch Security Leaderboard, underscoring its effective and robust security measures.

Innovating Startup Launches with AI and Web3

BlastUP is set to transform how startups launch within its network through the integration of cutting-edge AI and Web3 technologies. The 2026 strategic roadmap unveils ambitious initiatives such as an AI-powered IDO screener and AI tools designed specifically for startup teams. These developments underscore BlastUP’s commitment to enhancing its ecosystem and affirming its position as a leader in blockchain innovation. With these tools, BlastUP aims to equip startups with state-of-the-art resources, streamlining their launch processes and boosting their effectiveness.


BlastUP is rapidly emerging as a transformative player in the cryptocurrency launchpad arena. By harnessing the power of AI and Web3 technologies, combined with a strong commitment to security and community engagement, BlastUP provides an unmatched platform for crypto startups. The ongoing presale of $BLP tokens offers a unique chance to join this promising project. As the presale nears its conclusion, savvy investors should hurry to seize this opportunity to buy $BLP tokens at the best price, thus securing their share in BlastUP’s future achievements.





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