Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company (HPE) CEO Antonio Neri presents at Investor Relations Summit @ HPE Discover 2024 (Transcript)

News Room

Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company (NYSE:HPE) Investor Relations Summit @ HPE Discover 2024 June 18, 2024 12:00 PM ET

Company Participants

Daisy McAndrew – Sphere
Antonio Neri – President and CEO
Jim Jackson – Chief Marketing Officer
Jensen Huang – Founder and CEO, NVIDIA

Conference Call Participants

Daisy McAndrew

Hello and welcome to Hewlett Packard Enterprise Discover 2024 Las Vegas. I’m Daisy McAndrew coming to you from Sphere. We are only moments away from the first ever keynote address at this iconic location. HPE President and CEO, Antonio Neri will be taking to that stage in just a moment, but I’ve got time to get us a little bit of insider Intel, delighted to be joined as you can see by HPE Chief Marketing Officer, Jim Jackson.

Jim, before we talk about content, let’s talk about this place. Why here?

Jim Jackson

Absolutely. First of all, hi, Daisy. Good to see you. We’re setting a new standard for brand storytelling this week, and we’ve got one heck of a story for our customers, and we needed a venue to match that moment. This place is incredible, it’s filling up, we’re going to have a sold out house.

Daisy McAndrew

It really is buzzing. All right, I’m hoping you can spill the beans a little bit for me, Jim. What can we expect to hear from Antonio?

Jim Jackson

Yes, I can’t give away all the details, but everyone is going to hear about bold new AI solutions that reduce complexity and help our enterprise customers accelerate the adoption of generative AI. So we’re excited about that. Antonio’s backstage, he’s excited, he’s ready to go, he’s going to take the stage shortly. He’s going to be joined by Jensen, who is the CEO of NVIDIA. They’re going to talk about our partnership, which is over a decade long, and how we’re co-developing new solutions

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