US presidential debate live: Biden and Trump set for campaign showdown

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Donald Trump and Joe Biden previously faced off on a debate stage in the autumn of 2020, when they participated in two televised debates organised by the Commission on Presidential Debates.

The first showdown was in Cleveland, Ohio, and moderated by Chris Wallace, then a presenter with Fox News. Wallace struggled to contain Trump, who repeatedly flouted the rules of the debate, interrupting and speaking over Biden, who at one point became exasperated, replying: “Will you shut up, man?”

Shortly after the first debate, Trump was diagnosed with Covid-19, and was hospitalised for several days, leading to the cancellation of a second planned debate in Miami, Florida.

The final debate was in Nashville, Tennessee, with NBC’s Kristen Welker moderating. The candidates’ microphones were muted when it was not their turn to answer, which eliminated most of the interruptions that plagued the first face off.

The first debate in 2020 was watched by more than 70mn people, and the second was watched by roughly 63mn Americans.

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