Former Atlanta prosecutor says he expects Trump will be tried in Georgia even if he wins the White House

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Former special prosecutor Nathan Wade says he believes Donald Trump will “absolutely” be put on trial in Georgia in the 2020 election subversion case – even if he wins a second term and he’s in the White House at the time.

Wade resigned from the case in March over allegations of an improper romantic relationship with Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis but said in an exclusive interview on CNN’s “The Source” that he remains close friends with her.

The question of whether a sitting US president can be forced to stand trial for state-level criminal charges has never been litigated. Wade said in the interview on Wednesday that he expects prosecutors and defense attorneys will have to confront that unprecedented scenario if Trump wins the 2024 election.

When asked if Trump can be put on trial in the Peach State during a second term, Wade said: “I do believe that he can.”

“I don’t believe that it … it looks good to the rest of the world. But certainly I don’t think that there’s anything that would prevent that from happening,” Wade said.

Wade’s interview comes as the Georgia state Court of Appeals has halted the election subversion conspiracy case against Trump and his co-defendants until a panel of judges decides if Willis should be removed from the case. Trump, who has been seeking to push off legal issues until at least 2025, has been arguing that her affair with Wade should also disqualify her.

The court’s recent order pausing the case is the latest indication that a trial will not occur before the November presidential election. The appeals court is expected to rule on the disqualification issue by March 2025, though it could issue a ruling sooner.

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