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Make no mistake, if you’re a leader in the vacation rental industry, your position is a glorified role in customer service. While the facets and elements that actually comprise an innovative leader go far beyond the sole ability to ensure that guests leave satisfied and smiling, at the end of the day, we can undoubtedly recognize that without incorporating humanity and hospitality into everything we do, we would wake up the next morning jobless. To be an effective, long-standing leader, networking and building solid associations across the sector is crucial. Intelligent business people may know to invest in money, but only the wise invest in relationships.

In an industry that revolves around the human and guest experience, it’s not a shock that to facilitate the best possible outcome, it’s important to be authentic, efficient and kind. Hiring top talent that caters to the well-being, security and comforts of every person will boost the customer experience and leave them coming back for more. Consequently, this can drive business growth through word of mouth, positive reviews and retention of employees and guests who simply can’t get enough of what your business offers. Fostering genuine connections with everyone who walks through your organization’s doors establishes a brand of solace, inclusivity and a home-away-from-home feeling that people may not find at big-brand, cookie-cutter hotel chains.

There is no better place to find or establish business development opportunities than by forming connections with fellow leaders, industry advocates—and sometimes even competitors. We have all heard that “your network is your net worth,” and in the business world, I find this to be especially true. Networking is the key to meeting people and expanding your grid, allowing you to become increasingly visible online and offline. The simple act of building human connections can benefit business growth—it’s all about putting yourself out there. Sharing my own perspective, insights and opinions, both across social media and at industry events, has generated a stark following of fellow industry advocates and pioneers who have helped fuel my own ambitious fire toward innovation and improved practices.

In this business world, I have found that, more often than not, you get exactly what you give. Therefore, by sparking discussions and generating engagement, you can cultivate a substantial presence that draws others with similar (or sometimes starkly different) ideas and initiatives that, if implemented, could change the entire trajectory of your life or business. Networking is a great way to do this because as you create connections of trust and transparency, you can begin to brainstorm and encourage learning and new mindsets that help the industry evolve. Creating this community and wealth of knowledge online can also elevate your digital footprint, allowing for a flood of business opportunities and ventures to make their way into your inbox.

Paul Teshima, the co-founder of Eloqua and CEO and co-founder of, an AI-powered networking platform that displays the number of connections you have and the strength of your relationships, believes “the best salespeople today believe that the best part of their business is the relationships that they build,”—and I am inclined to agree. Networking brings you closer to your desired results and can even introduce objectives you had not previously considered. Having a strong network can empower you and give you a platform to speak on where interested audiences will listen.

The vacation rental industry is experiencing stricter regulations from local governments. Networking is critical for our sector’s survival. We must raise awareness and band together in an effort for advocacy to allow our operations to continue running and facilitate the business of making memories for future generations. Having a vocal platform with loyal followers can enable the word to spread faster and action to take place quickly.

There is no shortage of advantages when it comes to networking; from evolving your business with fresh perspectives, people and ideas, to generating a community of support and advocacy, the benefits are limitless. Working in a sector that is centered around human connection, building partnerships with people in the industry and outside of it is key to its sustainability. As a leader, make yourself visible and vocal while ensuring that every step you take brings you one foot closer to authenticity, trust and success.

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