Snoop Dogg Linked Meme Coin Could Be The Next Crypto to Explode

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Is Snoop Dogg behind a new meme coin token called Thug Life that has set the Twittersphere ablaze?

Some investors aren’t waiting to find out and have already ploughed nearly $50,000 into the new project in the past two hours.

What do buyers get for their money? Well, $THUG is looking to raise $2 million to build a community of thugs that will out smart the likes of Pepe, Dogecoin and Shiba Inu. It could be the most viral-friendly token ever.

As with all meme coins, building a highly engaged and passionate community will be key. 

And with community must come the swagger and attitude to draw in the smart money and the hungry fashionistas that want to flex their crypto wallets with the latest and greatest crypto. Thug Life has it covered.

YouTube analysts are already jumping in with their insights, predicting soaring gains for $THUG:

Snoop Dogg a Thug Life token backer?

$THUG is the latest crypto to grab the limelight and the Snoop effect is likely to blame, in a good way. 

In an early tweet from the official account, the strains of Snoop Dog heavy beats can be heard as the smoke-filled green haze back drop signals the pot-infused lifestyle Snoop has been happy to publicly embrace. 

Famously, Elon Musk has also done the pot thing, but in nowhere near as cool a fashion as Snoop, but maybe Elon’s paying attention to Thug Life token for tips on how to roll.

$THUG is all about resilience, comedy and trolling. This coin – by design – doesn’t take itself too seriously but don’t let that fool you when it comes to valuation.

Sure, Dogecoin was started as a joke but the last laugh went to the early investors in that Shiba-infused meme coin. It could very well be the same with Thug Life coin. 

Still, turning to less successful investors – in crypto there’s always hope, and $THUG is here to help turn losses into profits. 

So if you are one of those who bought a coin at the top – and we’ve all been there –  after an influencer turned you into a bagholder, there’s still hope. 

That’s the message that emanates from the website:

Yo, got played at the peak, huh? Your favorite influencer played you for a fool, used you as a cashout tool, leaving your bags worthless while they caked up. We feel your pain, man, and we got your back.

$THUG ain’t just a token; it’s a movement fueled by humor, brotherhood, and the struggle of hustlin’ in this crypto game. Rollin’ with meme wizards and crypto fanatics, $THUG represents the tough love of the internet: resilience, comedy, and trolling.

Expect $THUG to rocket when Snoop reveals his hand

You will have noticed that Snoop is tagged in that tweet embedded above. If and when Snoop replies, expect to see this coin reach for the skies, or should that be the moon?

There are also as yet unsubstantiated rumors that members of the team behind Pepe and 4CHAN may have a hand in $THUG behind the scenes.

$THUG certainly has the potential to go viral very quickly, so even a small investment could very quickly generate life-changing returns. 

Recall that one early Pepe investor put $250 worth of ETH into Pepe and was soon sitting on a $1.02 million stash.

New token alerts have been picking upon the launch of the Thug Life token presale, so big money is starting to pile in, which means there is no time to lose:

Thug Life token liquidity will be locked on DEX from the outset

It is also understood that the liquidity pool on decentralized exchanges will be locked at launch, which means that investors will be protected from any underhand practices such as a rug pull, where investors shut down a project and run off with investors’ funds.

Additionally, it is worth emphasizing that the modest $2 million raise total means there is no long drawn out presale process. The quicker this baby gets to market the sooner the profits will start rolling in, is presumably the thinking.

With the market being led higher by a strengthening bitcoin, there is n better time to launch a super viral meme coin like $THUG.

Early bird investors can buy the token today direct on the website using ETH of USDT (Tether stablecoin). 1 $THUG will cost you $0.0007.

Visit Thug Life website

Disclaimer: Crypto is a high-risk asset class. This article is provided for informational purposes and does not constitute investment advice. You could lose all of your capital.

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