NASDAQ Stocks Hitting New 52-Week Lows: 4 Stocks To Watch

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stocks are not all alike.

While a very popular few are just now coming off of all-time highs (Nvidia, among a select group), some are recently all the way down to new 52-week low prices. These fail to make headlines when that happens but they’re definitely worth a lot less than at the beginning of this year in every case.

These are large to mid-sized companies based on the simple, clear metrics of market capitalization and average daily volume, so it’s not a list of tiny start-up firms that just barely began to trade on the NASDAQ. It may come as a surprise that you may have heard of some of these names.

4 NASDAQ Stocks With Recent New Lows

Ericsson Telephone is a technology company, based in Sweden, that specializes in connectivity equipment and all that goes with it, basically. For the most recently reported 12-months, earnings are showing a decline of 17.50%. For the past 5 years, that metric shows growth of 20.70%. Market capitalization comes to $17.46 billion. Ericsson pays a dividend of 4.82%. The weekly price chart looks like this:

Jazz Pharmaceuticals
is a biotechnology company with corporate headquarters in Dublin, Ireland. It has a market capitalization of $8.04 billion. This year’s earnings increased by 35.10%. Over the past 5-years, EPS has shown a decline of 21.60%. Shareholder equity is greatly exceeded by the amount of long-term debt. No dividend is paid. Average daily volume for Jazz is 520,000 shares. Here’s the weekly price chart:

Penn National Gaming is not making money and has not been making money for a few years now. The most recently reported 12-months earnings for the casino company are down by 47.50% and, for the past 5-years, down by 30.70%. The long-term debt load exceeds shareholder equity and the company does not pay a dividend.

Now trading with a price-earnings ratio of 5 and at a 15% discount to book, it might seem like a value stock to some — but that would require earnings, at the very least. The weekly price chart is here:

Royalty Pharma PLC is a biotechnology company with a market capitalization of $18.77 billion. Average daily volume comes to 2.19 million shares. It’s a big biotech compared to most others in the sector that trade on the NASDAQ.

Earnings this year have declined by 93.50%. Over the past 5 years, earnings are off by 45.50%. Royalty Pharma pays a 2.58% dividend. In June of this year, UBS “resumed” its buy rating for the stock with a price target of $47. The weekly price chart looks like this:

Other NASDAQ equities are making the new lows list but these 4 represent a slice of the large and mid-sized companies that trade there.

To some hedge funds, these types of stocks may look like short opportunities. To others, it may seem to them that such metrics and such charts add up to “maybe they’re close to a bottom and we should begin purchases.” I’ll update these situations in a year and see how it went.

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